WIND Italy on MTI Freedom Micro

WIND Italy uses MTI for the best security solutions for phones & tablets available on the market!

Why? Easy to install, easy to maintain, by far the best of total cost of owner ship!

Pop-Up Store Samsung Champs-Élysées

Great pop-up  store of Samsung France on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Over 100 positions for smart phones, tablets, wearables, et cetera with FREEDOM MICRO and FREEDOM CORE II.



MTI helps creating the best consumer shopping experience

Orange, Romania’s largest GSM network operator and the world’s 7th largest Telecoms Brand, recently opened two new stores in Cluj and Baneasa as a part of the company’s Smart Store Project: an initiative to create a more positive instore experience for the consumer.

Each Smart Store deployed over 90 positions of MTI’s Freedom Micro™ and Freedom Core II™ to display and secure a combination of Phones, Tablets, and Wearable devices. MTI’s solutions help Orange create a premium in-store experience by allowing the customer to freely interact with the merchandise, allowing the focus to be on sales, all while maintaining a high level of loss prevention.

ArmorActive helps AcceptanceNow connect with consumers

AcceptanceNow, a rent-to-own industry leader, operates 1,460 kiosks in third-party retail stores across the country, providing flexible rental purchase agreement options.

Target’s Tech Open House chooses MTI’s New Round Freedom Micro

San Francisco is home to technology. Now it’s home to perhaps the most technologically-advanced house, too.

Inside a new store on Fourth Street stands a mockup of a Victorian-style house, complete with gingerbread trim and a three-panel bay window — but made entirely out of acrylic.

There’s a nursery, in which visitors can trigger a morning routine that’s homey and alien all at once. A projected silhouette of a baby in an acrylic crib awakes. A onesie outfitted with sensors, from the startup Mimo, detects the movement and alerts a mother’s phone in the adjacent room. A shimmering white stream of data visualizes the connection.