UV-C Smart
Protect your customers by disinfecting your devices to medical standard in just 25 seconds.

▼ Fast cycle: Impelux ™ technology ensures consistent and repeatable disinfection in 25 seconds.
▼ Safe: The Impelux ™ technology is safe for all materials and the radiation is not harmful to materials.
▼ Easy to use: User-friendly, only 1 socket required, movable and therefore easy to be integrated into existing work processes.
▼ Environmentally friendly: No water, harmful chemicals or liquids needed.

* USE THE UV-C Smart for: VR glasses, glasses frames smartphones and tablets, hand scanners, menus, badges, pagers, et cetera.
Exterior dimensions (lxwxh): 535x400x260 mm
Disinfection room:                    420x265x160 mm
Volume Disinfection room:     17.8 liters
Disinfection time:                      25 seconds
Reduction:                                   Log-5 (99,999%)
Effective against:                       All microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, yeasts)
Standards:                                   NEN-EN 14885, NEN-EN 60601-1
Clinically proven by:                 Radboud UMC, Streeklab Haarlem & UMC Groningen

UV-C Disinfection Drawer
The UV-C Disinfection Drawer makes objects bacteria and virus-free in a few minutes by means of UV C
light. The drawer is easy to use and secured with a magnetic lock that secures the drawer
cannot be opened until the disinfection cycle has ended. The drawer is ideally suited for
disinfection of objects that pass from hand to hand on a daily basis, such as ATMs, keys and
eyeglasses. It is of course also suitable for disinfecting tools and devices such as laptops
and telephones.
How does it work? Disinfection in 4 steps:
1. Place the object in the drawer, close it and press the illuminated start button on the top.
2. The tray will lock and the subject will be exposed for approximately 45 seconds. Special coating in the
    tray provides all-round lighting. During the disinfection the signal lamp flashes blue.
3. An audible signal and yellow flashing lamp indicate the end of the disinfection cycle.
4. Open the drawer, turn the object over and close the drawer. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated
    Disinfect your hands before and while using the tray.
Outer size: 67x55x31 cm Inner size: 60x40x18 cm (width depth height)
Weight: 35.7 kg
Type of lamps: UV C 55W, 2 pieces placed at the top
The drawer is equipped with a magnetic closing contact with feedback
The UV C lamps only switch on when the drawer is completely closed
On the basis of measurements, 45 seconds of disinfection per side proved to be more than sufficient
The control system checks at every session whether the lamps are still functioning
The control system keeps track of the number of burning hours, after 8,000 burning hours need to replace the bulbs
Feedback via sound and a multi-color lamp on the status of the drawer and possible faults
Voltage: 230 Volt, equipped with on / off switch with fuse
Energy consumption: 120 Watts during disinfection and 1 Watt in stand-by mode