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Kenstan Lock Company, Long Island New York USA, is the leading manufacturer of high-quality showcase and cabinet locks. Kenstan Locks works for Retailers and Brands like Tiffany, Walmart, De Bijenkorf, Target, Sears, Hudson’s Bay, Staples, Pandora and Rolex and Fixture Companies like Frank Mayer and Itab.

At both Kenstan and SellMore we believe in working closely with our customers. We will assist you with security layouts, keying plans and designing innovative custom products. And, we will always respond in a timely fashion to individual customer needs.

Kenstan Lock Company
Security Solutions. Design Innovations. Outstanding Service.

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The two most important product lines of Kenstan are two unique mechanical locks: K Line .  Keymatic Lock and I Line . Interchangeable I.C. Core locks

Keymatic K2 Locks
K2 Line offers excellent security in many different lock types that can be keyed to thousands of different key codes. Each key code has eight individual operating keys 1 through 8, used one at a time to operate the lock. The Red Change Tool can reset the lock to allow a new operating key (within the assigned code) to open the lock any time a key is lost or stolen — truly eight locks in one.

Locks can be keyed alike, individually or in groups. Click here for the CATALOG K2 Lock mm 


Keymatic K2 Key & Tool Instruction Video.


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Interchangeable I.C. Core locks
These 6 and 7 pin I.C. locks feature the traditional figure 8 Interchangeable Core equivalent to Best Access lock housings and cores — but with some additional features. Our I Line includes Cam, Dead Bolt, Spring Bolt and Plunger locks, door hardware locks (e.g., rim and mortise cylinders, lever and tubular handles) and other specialized locking devices. All I Line locks can be keyed alike, keyed different, master keyed and grand master keyed.  Click here for the I.C. Core Catalog

Contact SellMore if you are interested in a Kenstan distributorship in your country.