Freedom Micro Digital Imaging Cameras

Freedom Micro DI™ for Digital Imaging, and was designed to secure, display and power all DSLR cameras, point-and shoot cameras, mirrorless cameras and camcorders.

Unique shopping experience

TruFeel AirTether™ that provides cut resistant security with an almost weightless hand held experience.

Retailers can quickly disconnect the puck allowing consumers a more true-to-life shopping experience.

Innovative 360 degree spin-and-secure design keeps device in place.

Integrated security features

Self-contained System (Security, Power, Alarm) for 1:1 Security.

SmartCable™ Technology locks when connected to puck; alarms if unplugged.

Lens Locking Bracket Prevents Lens Release for Added Security.

Unified store design

Fully powers all Point & Shoot Cameras, SLR Cameras, Mirror-less Cameras and Camcorders.

Industrial design integrates with the standard Freedom Micro, Freedom Micro UM and Mechanical Freedom Micro solutions.

‘Quick Release’ feature for fast and easy re-merchandising.

Single Intelikey™ Switch Module (ISM) that arms and dis-arms the entire Freedom Micro line.


Technical Specs

DI Puck Dimensions: 2.08” W x 3.03” D x 1.98” H

Riser Dimensions: 1.63”w x 1.63”d x 3.87”h

Mounting Plate Dimensions: 2.5”w x 2.5”d x 0.075”h

Camera Battery in DI Puck: Minimum 20 minutes per lift with rapid recharge

Cable Pull: Length30” via TruFeel AirTether™

Rip-Out Force: Industry highest, yet the lightest recoil resistance

Electronic Security: 1:1 Security; Alarm stays on the device

Visual System Alerts: Multicolor LED

Alarm: Up to 100 Db

Physical Security: Cut-resistant TruFeel AirTether™

Available Colors: Black or White


Freedom Micro DI

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