Freedom Micro for mobile phones

Freedom Micro™ is the industry’s smallest, no-sacrifices, easy-to-install, top mount solution for mobile phones with unmatched security that integrates into any fixture.

Freedom Micro Mobile Phones

 Complete Merchadising Flexibility

Round or Rectangle form factor available.

‘Quick Release’ feature for fast and easy re-merchandising.

Small, self-contained system (security, power, alarm) minimizes cables and clutter.

The most secure top mount system available

Industry’s highest rip-out force via cut-resistant TruFeel AirTether™.

Electronic alarm is constantly attached to the device for 1:1 security.

Mechanical-only system also available

Compact retail merchandising solution without the need to power a live device.

Keeps your displays clean and consistent if merchandising with our Standard/Powered Freedom Micro.


Technical Specs

Riser Dimensions (Angled): 1.63”w x 1.63”d x 3.45”h

Riser Dimensions (Upright): 1.63”w x 1.63”d x 3.87”h

Mounting Plate Dimensions: Mounting Plate Dimensions

Puck Dimensions: 1.5”w x 1.5”d x 1.46”h

Powered Merchandising: Powers up to 5.2v at 2.5A