Freedom Micro for tablets

Freedom Micro™ is the industry’s smallest, no-sacrifices, easy-to-install, top mount solution for tablets with unmatched security that integrates into any fixture.

Premium customer experience

Product is hero, no coiled cords or clutter.

Improved customer interaction with reduced false alarms and trouble shooting.

Premium security

Reduces theft with a combination of mechanical & electronic security.

Lowers repair & maintenance costs with ‘swivel technology’.

Pick level of security: Alarming SmartCables™, brackets, or ‘no lift’ tether cartridges.

Premium owner experience

Simple intuitive design for easy maintenance.

‘Quick-Release’ feature for fast and easy re-merchandising.

Fits into any fixture with only 3 main parts to manage.


Technical Specs

Riser Dimensions (Angled): 1.63”w x 1.63”d x 3.45”h

Riser Dimensions (Upright): 1.63”w x 1.63”d x 3.87”h

Mounting Plate Dimensions: 2.5”w x 2.5”d x 0.075”h

Puck Dimensions: 1.5”w x 1.5”d x 1.46”h

Powered Merchandising: Powers up to 5.2v at 2.5A

Cable Pull Length: 30” via TruFeel™ tether

Rip-Out Force: Industry highest, yet the lightest recoil resistance

Brackets: Shuko RX or Custom

Electronic Security: Alarm stays on the device, 1:1 security

Alarm: Up to 100 Db

Battery Backup: Rechargeable, 18 hours per charge (alarm only)

Allowable Revolutions: Unlimited (via swivel)

Visual System Alerts: Multicolor LED

Physical Security: Cut-resistant TruFeel™ AirTether, reinforced Puck

Available Colors: Black or white

Secondary Sensors: One (1) sensor per puck

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