Freedom Micro + Bracket + Flextech Wearables

The Freedom Micro FlexTech™ Sensor Cable allows you to integrate the wearables FlexSensor™  into the Freedom Micro Alarming Puck, providing both power and security for most watches.

Freedom Micro + bracket + Flextech

Complete merchandising flexibility

Integrated FlexTech™ Cable both powers and alarms the watch.

‘Quick Release’ feature for fast and easy re-merchandising.

The most secure top mount system available

Industry’s highest rip-out force via cut-resistant TruFeel AirTether™.

Electronic alarm is constantly attached to the device for 1:1 security.


Technical Specs

Alarm Module: 3.60”w x 3.65”d x 1.12”h

Mini-disc Sensor: .65”w x .65”d x .25”h

Micro USB Sensor: .60”w x .41”d x .50”h